Get to know our team

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Julia Tortorice


Julia Tortorice brings a unique blend of clinical expertise and strategic leadership to our organization. With extensive experience in both healthcare and business, she is dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in patient care. Her visionary approach inspires our team to achieve exceptional outcomes and continuously improve our services.

Wesley Hunter


Wesley Hunter brings a strong background in nursing and operational management to our team. With extensive experience in healthcare and a commitment to efficiency and quality, Wesley plays a pivotal role in optimizing our operations. His leadership and dedication drive our mission forward.

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Matt Tortorice


Matt Tortorice, our Chief Information and Technology Officer (CITO), is instrumental in driving our technological strategy and infrastructure. With his expertise in information systems and innovative approach, Matt ensures that our technology operations are seamless, secure, and cutting-edge. His leadership in IT fosters a robust and efficient digital environment, enabling our organization to excel in all technological aspects.

Daylon Hunter

Office Manager

Daylon Hunter, our Office Manager, ensures smooth and efficient daily operations. With a keen eye for detail and exceptional organizational skills, Daylon manages administrative tasks and supports our team, contributing to a productive and harmonious workplace. His dedication to excellence helps maintain a high standard of service and efficiency.

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